A beautiful Sunday morning last summer, was the oldest of friends. the other two to a neighbor of the street. He convinced me to go to the woman in the hammock teensnow in the garden behind the house of the sun while I shower by one. While I was in the shower I sleep with my wife in the teensnow sun reading a book and no doubt always between her legs. The idea that wet produces a strange effect on women, for some reason. I also thought of placing in the sun and left the shower I dried off and went to the back bedroom window overlooking the garden, as he lay hmm did look good. I wrapped the towel around me and went into the garden and sat in a chair opposite her. she put her legs slightly apart and said the neighbors are in? He said they were out, then took off the top and smiled. I had great havoc today and thought it might be even a bit of fun. Five minutes passed before me and said why do not you take off your pants. Are you sure that the side orut he asked. Yes, I replied, and pulled her bikini panties and showing her shaved back sunlight. MTF
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